Beyondfi Products

Beyondfi is aiming to continuously expand its product line-ups throughout various areas of DeFi. Some of these products are already up and running and others are under development or at a planning stage, but we view that all these are essential components to establish the leading platform of DeFi 3.0.
Beyondfi Staking – Staking has been one of the basic, but core DeFi functions that has been used by large number of people & projects in the crypto community, ever since the beginning of DeFi. Beyondfi also provides an inherent staking platform on its DEX, where can stake their BYN, and attractive weekly reward is provided for compensation. Unlike general staking platforms where users are only eligible for staking yield, Beyondfi staking also provides Trading rewards where stakers get a portion of trading fee generated on the platform. As the trading volumes grows on Beyondfi DEX, amount of trading reward will also increase linearly. Not only users receive rewards for the staking, but a basic synthetic asset token USDb is also minted when users stake their BYN on the platform, which will be the underlying asset for trading for various synthetic assets.
Beyondfi Synthetic Asset Trading – Beyondfi synthetic asset trading platform allows users to expand their asset exposure outside of cryptocurrencies to more diversified asset classes such as foreign currencies, commodities, and equities. With the USDb minted with BYN staking, users can easily invest into a broad-based financial asset worldwide. Since Beyondfi synthetic asset trading DEX been one of our earliest flagship products, which has been under operation since mid-2021, details have been explained at the later section of this document.
Futures and Margin Trading – With introduction of derivatives, traditional finance has entered a new era. Diverse structured products have been introduced with better risk-reward profile and various hedging technics have been adopted. As we view DeFi is at its inflection point to go through a similar trajectory as traditional finance, it is critical to provide a high-performance futures and margin trading platform built in Beyond DEX. Beyondfi is currently working with a top-tier development team which has a decade of experience and track record of building a high-performance margin trading platform.
Index Products – Once enough types of assets become available on Beyondfi DEX, Index products will be provided for users to reduce risks and achieve portfolio diversification. Beyondfi’s index products will be based on a special theme or market trend. This could be sector based / region based / market cap based / theme based, which could gain interest of market participants and traders. Asset composition could be within or without cryptocurrency assets, as well as cross-asset with multiple asset classes. Below are few examples of Index products which could be introduced in the future:
> Blockchain Infra Index (i.e. Solana + Polygon + Polkadot + Avalanche)
> BSC Ecosystem Index (i.e. BNB + CAKE + Alpaca Finance + Venus)
> Dollar Index (i.e. EURb + GBPb + JPYb + CADb + CHFb + SEKb)
> Previous Metal Index (i.e. XAUb + XAGb + Platinum)
> Cross-asset Inflation-hedge Index (i.e. Bitcoin + Gold + Silver)
> Regional Exposure Product Index (i.e. CNYb + Alibaba + Tencent + ICBC + BNBb)
Moreover, new Index products will be continuously introduced upon users’ needs. Creation of new Index will be decided upon the DAO voting through BIPS.
Gamification & Play-to-Earn – Play-to-Earn is one of the fastest growing areas in today’s world of blockchain, where users play games and also earn profits at the same time with the result of the game. Although this might not exactly fit into the definition of digital finance, as a project’s point of view, this is one of the ways to create a strong utility of tokens, as well as generate a massive user traffic and increased landing time on the platform. Beyondfi’s platforms will also adopt these features with the utmost focus on creation of broader token utilities and increased user activities. Users will be able to test Beyondfi’s first gamification and Play-to-Earn features before end of 2021.
Launchpad – In the fast-growing market, many innovative projects are emerging with potential to become the leader in respective sub-segments of blockchain and DeFi. Having an opportunity for investment to these projects at early stage is crucial for getting higher ROI and having a greater exposure in prominent projects. However, it’s difficult for many people to have access to these investment opportunities since most of these projects with good potentials only open their investment opportunities to a selected venture capitals and institutions. Beyondfi is aiming to help solving this issue with introduction of native launchpad platform. Projects will be sourced under collaboration with the world’s largest blockchain projects (which Beyondfi has already partnered with, as well as to be announced with new partnerships) and incumbent top tier IDO platforms. DAO structure will be adopted for enhanced transparency of launchpad operations. Beyondfi launchpad will be open and introduced to users by early 2022.
NFT – We view NFTs as a social digital asset in the coming Web 3.0 era. We view NFT as an emerging digital “social asset.” There are mainly 2 aspects of NFT that is highly interesting: the social aspect and digital asset aspect. Despite the NFT being early, it is now the entry point for the metaverse. It gathers and ties people in a way that no other social media platform does and the web infrastructure becomes more sophisticated and provides seamless experience, the metaverse will become the new infrastructure where a new social paradigm will incur for social interactions. This is where we view NFTs as a social asset. This is directly linked to a DAO where we view all NFT owners will move like a guild and operate like it. As most NFT projects are entering the gaming industry, NFT projects will form a small digital economy where any individual can be part of a micro-scaled economy oriented to any digital activities that are new and exciting but NFTs are not simple virtual assets or even JPEG files. They offer real value such as creating new jobs and economy. The best example would be SLP tokens from Axie. Because of these aspects, we will have our own NFT series that can expand to DeFi and P2E.
We believe that offering these products on Beyondfi platform is essential for long term growth and to cater to different communities, globally. Once these updates are completed, we will be well poised to position ourselves as a full digital asset management platform where users can invest in various asset classes, financial products, and investment opportunities just by connecting their wallet to Beyondfi platform.