What is Beyondfi?

Beyondfi is a digital asset platform that offer a diverse range of products and services enabling anyone to access, create and trade unlimited markets without limit.
Beyondfi’s key mission is undoubtedly clear: unlock the true value of decentralized finance, providing its users with the full spectrum exposure to digital assets.
Amid growing retail & institutional interest for decentralized finance, we shall strive to achieve Beyondfi’s foundational vision of empowering millions of users to access NFTs, Synthetics, Derivatives, Fund/Asset Management and access to leading lending protocols, incubation protocols and more.
Beyondfi’s initial products started with staking & synthetic asset trading platform, which could be categorized in DeFi 1.0~1.5. As our early product is being stabilized and number of users & TVL grows, we are expanding into new areas of finance. Our steps towards DeFi 3.0 are comprised of diversified products which will be the key components to become the platform which serves the full suite of digital asset management – details will be explained in the next section.