Bridge and Deposit


With Bridge tab, you can quickly bridge your Ethereum based assets to HECO.

Bridge BYN on Ethereum to HECO Chain.

(must have BYN in Metamask, along with HT & ETH for gas fees)
  1. 1.
    Connect your wallet and go to “Bridge” tab.
2. Type in the amount of BYN you want to convert to HECO network and click Transfer.
3. You have successfully bridged BYN.
4. You can see $hBYN in your metamask


You now need to send $hBYN from Metamask to your Beyondfi wallet.
1 . Copy your Beyondfi HECO mainnet wallet address
2. Send $hBYN to your Beyondfi wallet Address on our new HECO ver., then confirm.
3. Now, you can see 250 $hBYN under your asset list on your left screen.